Thursday, 9 June 2011

colourful wedding of lovely kazen:PART 2-akad nikah.

crowds on the wedding day

with mama on the red scarf and kak jung pink color..n me..n nampak baju aisyah in blue

edisi akad nikah by ustaz kholid ayoh farahim

opss..rotate gini..@anum

alhamdulilah lega...senyuman paling manis terabad ini

the best wedding planner@mama cik roh..

dayang2 siang pulok..

left;mok ani.kak nor..anum..kak di..n me.. ur turn anem?wahh...amek muke ni...

bilik pengantin
this is the 2nd day of the events..on friday,3rd june 2011..@3.00pm..dengan sekali akad jer..she was officially being a wife of muhammad yusrizal ..congratulations both...then ..tinggallah saya selepas ini...sendirian..the grand and gorgeous...the most part that i've been waitin for..part menanges lah..hahahaa..jahat...

left;mok ayu.cik roh.anum.kak ha n mok ani

left:emang.sapik.aliff n awu

with the keluarga beso..

with keluarga yus

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